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~SALE~ Friendship Hearts Jazzle
DivaLicious Dymonds by Bbf REG:$4.89
Price: $2.99
HUGE SAVINGS! 3/10 *BEST~Deal ~ HotLips
3 Jazzle Tattoo's ONLY $9.99 REG :$14.99
Price: $9.99
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Famous Vajazzle Dance by The Hit T.V Show
"The Only Way Is Essex"
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Learn How To Do The Vajazzle Dance from The Only Way Is Esse
Jazzle, Dazzle, Or Vajazzle! Let Us Solve Your Jazzle Needs! Spread the Jazzle Fever word to All your Friends!

*HotFix HairRhinestones
NOW Available!
Rock Your Hair ~ Essex Style!!
1 pack of 48 Hot Fix Hair Rhinestones. 4MM Gems *REG: $8.99
Price: $4.99
*PhOtO  ~ CoNeSt!*
Check out The SAVINGS Below!
BEST DEAL~8 Jazzle Tattoo's for ONLY $19.99!
DivaLicious Dymonds by BBf REG: $39.99
Price: $19.99
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Horoscope Jazzle Body Tattoo's Exclusive Zodiac Tattoos By BBf
DivaLicious Dymonds by BBf REG: $4.89
Price: $2.99
Select your Sign.:

...Whats Your Zodiac Sign?

horoscopes images and dates Divalicious Dymonds Zodiac Tattoo. Aquarius, Pisces, sagittarius, scorpio, leo, taurus, cancer,
*DivaLicious Dymonds has been designed  to promote women of all ages, and in all walks of life!
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Jennifer Love Hewitt talks about Vajazzling on Lopez Tonight
TBS-Jennifer Love Hewitt Vajazzles;*BBf Body crystals can be your Sparkle too!The Only Way Is Essex Has Exploded our Jazzle Presence here in the US & Canada! Jazzling the World One at a time! Vajazzle up for any special occassion!
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Tattoo by BBF*
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Bride Tattoo by BBf
"New Something Blue"
Price: $3.99
Aqua Fountain ~ Great For accessorizing your Wedding Ensemble!
DivaLicious Dymonds by Bbf REG: $4.89
Price: $3.99
1 Light Bulb thinking  Diva Licious Dymonds Light bulbFrom The Pro's!
*Q: What Is "Body Art"?
*A: Body art is an Ancient art form known to date back as far as cavemen Times! 
*It Is an Early Artistic expression used to define Social Status, Religious Devotion, Desired protection against evil and disease!
* Body art Is Used In many different ways and for many different purposes!  It Is Practiced World Wide To this Day; and is Used to attract Like Minded groups  and organizations!
*Body Art Is the Most common form of Individualism! 
* * * *
*Q: "What Is Vajazzling"?!
*A:  Vajazzling is a Body Art Expression that can be described as the ultimate beauty bling for your most private girly parts!
*Vajazzling Can be Described as decorating Your Nether Regions with Sparkling Jewels, Gems, Glitter, and any Other Pretty Object that can be Glued on!
~we prefer to call it a "Touch of Frosting"!
* * * *
*Q: How Are Your Body Bling, Jazzle Tattoo's Made?
*A: Our *DivaLicious Dymond Body Tattoo's are Composed of *Hand Selected Crystal Gems; 2mm in size.
*We Use *Exclusive Heat Activated, Hypo-Allergenic Adhesive! The Adhesive Serves two purposes: 
the First is to Bond Crystals to overall Tattoo Design. The Second is to Ensure Your Body Tattoo Will Adhere to Skin! 
*Most importantly; our *DivaLicious Dymonds Are  Stored in a Quality Controlled Environment! This Is The Key To Preserving Our High Quality Dymonds!
Q: What Is a Henna Tattoo? 
A: This is an Ancient Body Art form that involves non-Permanent tattooing of the skin with a paste made from the leaves of the Lawsonia Inermis; a Shrub found mainly in Egypt, Tunisia & India!
This Body art form is most commonly practiced on women; mainly on the Hands & feet! #Henna Rocks!
jazzled arm henna
*How Do you Jazzle Your Poker Face?
1 lady gaga Jazzled up from DivaLicious Dymonds by barebodyfrosting.com
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 We are the Brand you trust for all your Crystal Body Art Needs! Want to Bring *DivaLicious Dymonds into your Salon or Boutique?
Contact The CEO! tasha@barebodyfrosting.com
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